The Airbnb traveler isn’t your standard tourist. He doesn’t wait in long lines. He doesn’t fight with crowds. He definitely doesn’t take selfies in front of statues. When the Airbnb traveler goes somewhere, he wants something more… personal.

So, we got personal.
As part of Airbnb’s Live There repositioning, the creative learned travelers’ preferences and better matched them with the homes, neighborhoods and experiences they want in life. The campaign featured 200 unique desktop, mobile and rich media banner units in multiple sizes, across 6 languages, with 50 unique icon animations – all with lightweight, animated SVG assets. The rich media units upped the level of personalization even further by sending them to search pages with their destinations pre-populated.
US Army
The US Army was launching a new mission: Cryptaris, an online simulated game that leverages WebGL design to test an array of skills required for U.S. Army STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). A game so difficult only 5% of users can beat it.
We made the successful launch our mission. The desktop and mobile banners, plus a YouTube masthead rich media unit, helped the game’s site earn FWA site of the day and challenged the most capable men and women to complete Cryptaris.
A woman in California is thinking about buying a new car. She uses the usual websites to look for the latest deals. And as she continues to browse, she starts seeing an ad for the exact BMW she was just researching. Same goes for the man in Minnesota. And Florida.

That’s dynamic advertising for you. And it’s amazing.
Our clients think so too. This dynamic BMW campaign, featuring 98 creative units (14 car models, 5 desktop and 2 mobile sizes, each), spread across 5 data feeds (1 national and 4 regional: North, South, East and West). Feeds got even more granular within those regions BTW. In the end, we totaled 15,000+ line items with multiple price points, CTAs, imagery and more all to effectively retarget that woman in California, who really just wants a new BMW.
Capatriti makes olive oil. From olives. Seems obvious, right?

Unfortunately, most of the olive oil industry is mixing their olive oil with oil from soybeans, sunflowers and who knows what else, and labeling it as the pure thing. Tired of the lies, Capatriti set out to re-launch their brand and restore honesty and transparency to the industry.
The Honest Olive Oil campaign launched with several pieces of content, including film, print, digital, social media and retail spaces, all of which drove cooking enthusiasts to Capatriti’s new website. This from-scratch Wordpress build, features custom animations and slideshows, and uses the blog functionality to house a collection of Recipe Videos that are updated weekly.
Like BMW, MINI attracts a certain individual. And like BMW, MINI wanted to engage with those certain individuals interested in purchasing a new car. Particularly, those individuals interested in purchasing a new MINI.

Engage they did.
This dynamic campaign featured 70 creative units (6 car models, multiple creatives for each model, across 7 sizes to be exact) and used addressable display advertising. The incredibly expansive, yet impressively granular range of units led to an unprecedented 20% lift in engagement.
Although Steinway is an iconic brand, it’s seen as the classical piano for stuffy concerts at Carnegie Hall. That’s not good for branding, or business.
That’s probably why Steinway launched its largest branding initiative in its 163-year history.
To lure a new, younger, generation of piano lovers, we created desktop and rich media banner units for 2 campaigns with 3 creative skews each, across multiple sizes and languages. And showed audiences, you don’t have to be a professional, or at Carnegie Hall, to enjoy a Steinway.
VMware has been a leader in cloud computing for years, yet audiences were virtually unaware. Perhaps it had something to do with being outspent 40 to 1 by its competitors. And not just by any competitors. Competitors like IBM, Microsoft and Cisco. Yup, those guys.

To help VMware raise brand awareness, we got creative. Real creative.
We’re talking multiple banner campaigns and landing pages, with lightning fast turnaround times. All compatible with the internal CMS. All of which led VMware’s unaided awareness in cloud infrastructure to rise from 19% to 25%, year-over-year in the U.S. (It started at 4% in 2011).
Story Graphics
VMware needed an original way to tell its enterprise mobility story, and drive traffic to its online news portal. The stories are in-depth. They span 5 major industries, countless case studies and even more testimonials.

We brought all that to life in the form of StoryGraphics.*
These 5 immersive, interactive worlds were built for optimal desktop and mobile experiences. They were also completely compatible with the portal’s CMS. Within the first week of launch, traffic to VMware’s news portal jumped over 250%. Since then, StoryGraphics have been viewed in over 125 countries.
*Please note: These/StoryGraphics are not banners. They’re not websites. They’re not even advertising really. They’re a new kind of multi-touch user experience.
A pharmaceutical company invents a new, potentially life-saving drug that could cure cancer and it’s ready for clinical research. Enter Medidata, the Life Sciences Technology Provider redefining the way Clinical Research is, well, researched.
To create an impactful interactive web experience that felt seamless, we worked closely with the project’s creative leads. We dynamically added each point and drew every line. And then, we animated the entire thing, all using JavaScript.
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